what to expect drug rehab partial hospitalization program

Preparing for rehab can feel overwhelming, but knowing what to expect can be a tremendous help. Patients considering a partial hospitalization program may feel better prepared if they have an understanding of the duration of the program, what kind of a commitment it entails and what a typical day will look like.

Understanding the Partial Hospital Program

First, it’s necessary to get a full understanding of what PHP, or a partial hospital program, truly is. This is a treatment method that bundles together the best of inpatient therapy but still allows patients to live independently if they choose.

A partial hospitalization program may be held in hospitals, but they can also be in rehab centers. Rather than including an overnight component, most PHP schedules fill up several hours each day, helping patients stick to a schedule and have routine in their lives.

Fitting a Partial Hospitalizatin Program (PHP) Into a Custom Treatment Plan

One of the best attributes of the partial hospitalization program is that it can fit into a range of custom treatment plans. Patients struggling with substance abuse, but who don’t feel that they have a severe addiction, may find that PHP is enough to break free and embrace sobriety. On the other hand, patients may find that PHP is a good transition between inpatient therapy and sober living, since it delivers on accountability and includes most of the daily routine of residential therapy.

Typical Day in a PHP Program

The beauty of a partial hospitalization program is that they can vary from patient to patient and between rehab centers, because they are flexible enough to accommodate a range of needs. However, a typical day will include several hours of planned activities. This might include any of the following therapies and/or modalities:

  • Group counseling sessions
  • One-on-one therapy with a trained counselor
  • Fitness therapies to stimulate the body and the mind
  • Nutritious meals in a social setting
  • Educational lectures, sharing or presentations for patients

Benefits of PHP That Patients Can Look Forward To

Some of the top benefits of a partial hospital program are accountability, structure, a social environment and an abundance of resources. The accountability is a vital element to recovery, and patients who know they will need to visit rehab the following day will be more likely to resist temptations when they are on their own.

Also helpful is the regular structure, which gives patients a reason to wake up in the morning and a purpose for each of their days. While attending a PHP, patients will be surrounded by individuals going through a similar situation, and they can get support when they need it from friends as well as staff.

At Rock Recovery Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, lifelong recovery is the ultimate priority, and partial hospitalization programs may help you achieve that goal. Call 561-223-2986 right away to learn how you can begin a life of sobriety today.