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Every addicted individual is a unique case, that’s why there’s no single path to recovery. It’s also the reason why counselors individualize treatment plans and aftercare, and why there are different recovery programs available. In this article, we will discuss to you the 5 different kinds of treatment or aftercare programs offered in a recovery center Florida that will aid in permanently ending your addiction. 

Complementary and Alternative Therapies or Treatments

Complementary and alternative treatments or therapies are designed to be utilized in partnership with substance use disorder therapy or support groups. They focus on using creativity, animals, meditation, and other alternative means to help you become successful in your recovery. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy plays an important role in your recovery, especially if you have any family issues, or if your alcohol or drug addiction has seriously affected your relationship with your family. Family therapy involves group therapy with the members of your family, or spouse or partner therapy. 

Participation in Support Groups

Participating in support groups in a recovery center Florida can provide you the encouragement you need during recovery. Support groups can help you stay grounded and remind you of your goal, which is sobriety. It’s also good to be surrounded by people who are going through the same struggles as you are.

Substance Use Disorder Therapy

Taking part in a formal program of substance use disorder psychotherapy will play an important role in the success of your recovery. Using cognitive-behavioral (CBT) approach to treatment is one of the most preferred approaches of treating individuals with addiction, but there are other forms of therapy as well. It all depends on the addicted individual and his/her assessment. 

Medically Assisted Treatments

Medications and other medically assisted treatments may be necessary during your recovery. Medical management techniques refer to ongoing interference that usually works as a part of aftercare treatment for alcoholics. 

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