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Overcoming addiction is a difficult journey but definitely not impossible, especially with the help of the right people. But a lot of myths have stopped many addicted individuals from entering a recovery center Florida to get the help that they need and deserve. If you’re hesitant about getting treatment, then debunking these myths about addiction treatment and recovery might convince you to enter one today.

You’ll Lose Your Job if You Go to Rehab

If you’re struggling with an addiction, chances are it has already affected your productivity and performance at work. If you choose to hide your addiction and not get help, chances are you’ll lose your job eventually. But by discussing this problem with your boss, odds are, he/she will be supportive of your efforts to get cured. There are various EAPs or employee assistance programs for employees struggling with substance abuse. There’s also the FMLA that allows you to 12 workweeks of job-protected unpaid leave for serious health conditions that disables you to perform your job. 

Getting Addiction Treatment and Recovery is Expensive

There are expensive treatments, but there are also low-cost recovery options. Various programs with different price range are offered in a recovery center Florida, which give you the freedom to choose according to your budget. Also, there are several options for paying.  

Getting Treatment and Recovery is Only a Temporary Solution

Overcoming addiction is a lifelong journey, but getting professional help will kickstart the process. It will also make the process of recovery safer and less physically and emotionally draining than it’s supposed to be. Completing a program and joining aftercare will also equip you to start a drug-free life and overcome addiction permanently.   

Religion will Be Forced on You

There are various non-religious approaches to treatment if you’re not comfortable with it. So, no need to worry. 

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Don’t let myths stop you from getting the treatment that you need and deserve. Enter a recovery center Florida today! At Rock Recovery Center, we offer various programs that will help you overcome addiction permanently! Contact us for inquiries!