who offers the best south florida addiction recovery center?

Addiction is an insidious disease influenced by many factors. Despite sharing certain similarities, every addict is a unique case. No two people follow the same path to recovery, which is why there are various treatment programs available in recovery center Florida. But even with so many different factors and influences, almost all recovering addicts pass through the same stages towards recovery and soberness. Here are the stages of addiction recovery:

Self- Awareness and Acknowledgement

The first stage of addiction recovery is self-awareness. You must be able to acknowledge that you have an addiction problem. Even though you still engage in addictive behaviors, and haven’t made any progress towards stopping those behaviors, the fact that you’re able to recognize that you have an addiction problem is the first stage towards a successful recovery.

Consideration and Action

The second stage of addiction recovery involves considering to take the first step towards recovery. This is often in the form of understanding your addiction or checking out recovery center Florida. Even though you’re not actively seeking recovery, but considering to take action moves you forward.

Researching and Trying Recovery

Being motivated to overcome your addiction means that you’re past your denial stage. Taking small steps such as moderation and abstinence will propel you to move forward to the next stage. This is also the stage where you start considering to enter an addiction treatment program.

Early Recovery

Early recovery is when you have stopped using the substance you’re addicted to and have learned how to remain drug-free permanently. But this is also where you’re most vulnerable and your tendency for relapse is high.

Active Recovery and Maintenance

This is the stage where you have made great progress in staying drug-free and understand that it’s a lifetime work of staying that way.

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