What are the best Rehab Facilities in Florida?

Many individuals suffering from mental illness resort to using drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with their condition. While others can develop mental health problems as a result of using drugs or alcohol. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to address both problems to guarantee long-lasting sobriety. Rehab facilities in Florida offer treatment programs that aim to address substance use disorder and other co-occurring disorders to successfully overcome addiction. Here are the top 3 reasons why mental health problems often relate to substance abuse.

How to recover at rehab facilities in florida?

How Does Mental Health Relate to Substance Use Disorder?

Genes and Other Risk Factors

Research suggests that genetics and other risk factors can contribute to the likelihood of developing both a mental illness and a substance abuse disorder. Some people can have a certain gene that influences the way they respond to a specific substance.

While others have a gene that can influence their likelihood of getting a mental illness as an adult. Environmental factors, like trauma and stress, can cause genetic changes that can be passed down. And these may be partly responsible for the development of mental health problems or substance abuse.

Substance Use Disorder

Some individuals use drugs to manage the symptoms of their mental health problems. They also use it as a way to self-medicate. Unfortunately, over time, this can lead to drug abuse and make symptoms worse. Entering rehab will help address both your substance use disorder and mental health problems.

Addiction & Mental Health

Chronic alcohol or drug use can alter your brain, subsequently messing up your reward system, reality, cognitive reasoning, motivation, and behavior, which predispositions you to develop a mental health illness. Additionally, some of the side effects of certain drugs and heavy alcohol consumption are paranoia, depression, anxiety, hallucination, aggression, and other problems.

What is addiction recovery at rehab facilities in florida?

Do You Need to Find Reliable Rehab Facilities in Florida?

Dealing with an addiction and a mental health problem at the same time is not easy, but you’re not alone. At Rock Recovery Center, we will help you beat your mental health problems and overcome addiction successfully. If you’re on the search for the best rehab facilities in Florida, contact us today to get started.