relapse prevention

Sadly, relapse is generally considered to be a part of the recovery process. As many as 60 percent of the people who attend rehab facilities end up using drugs or alcohol again at some point in their lives. Although relapse doesn’t equal failure, and only means you have a new starting point, it is still important to try to avoid relapse. Discover why relapse prevention is so important in recovery.

The Importance of Relapse Prevention

All too often, addiction recovery focuses exclusively on not using drugs or alcohol. Obviously, this is the first step on the long road to lasting sobriety, but recovery is about more than just not using illicit substances for a few weeks in a rehab facility.

If the focus is only on not taking drugs or drinking alcohol, the proper time and attention to the risks of relapse may not be addressed. Relapsing is about more than just starting over, and it can have an impact on your self esteem as well as the financial and emotional states of your loved ones. Relapse prevention, then, should absolutely be a priority in the best drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Factors That Can Lead to Relapse

There are a variety of factors that can lead to relapse. One of the most common reasons that patients give for relapsing is PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome). This is a reaction that typically happens a few months after the actual detox portion of recovery, and it can lead to strong cravings and emotional desires for drugs or alcohol. PAWS is just one reason that relapse prevention needs to be a part of the recovery program. It is at Rock Recovery

Other reasons that might be a factor in a relapse include the following:

  • Extreme stress from work or reentry into society
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Low self-esteem or self-confidence
  • Broken or irreparable relationships
  • Tempting fate by going back to dangerous friendships or environments

Management Strategies to Combat Relapse

One of the primary methods of relapse prevention should be the creation of management strategies. These management strategies can be applied when temptation hits, making it easier to learn how to say no, deny cravings and choose the healthy path of recovery for your life. Recovery and recovery support for your new life-style is important for this healthy path you’ve chosen.

relapse preventionAnother strategy to address relapse prevention is to find a passion or some kind of excitement that exists beyond drug or alcohol use. The world is a remarkable place, and there are many ways to have fun and be inspired. For some patients, preventing relapse might come through counseling sessions, but for others it comes from hikes in the wilderness, surfing at the beach or finishing a tough fitness class. 

At Rock Recovery Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, preventing relapse is always a priority and they use many different paths to help. Call 888-322-7389 to find out how you can take back control over your life and say goodbye to your addiction for good.