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Your environment can contribute to your addiction. It can also impact you during recovery. What we mean by “environment” is the conditions or circumstances that you live in, not just a physical place. There are four types of environment: family, community, peers, and workplace or school environment. Here we’re going to discuss the role of family and community environment, as well as a South Florida Rehab Center community in your addiction and recovery.

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What’s the Role of Environment in Your Addiction & Recovery?

Family Environment

Your family can have a huge influence on whether or not you’re likely to experience substance abuse problems. A dysfunctional family in which conflict, neglect, misbehavior, or abuse occurs regularly tend to produce family members who abuse drugs or alcohol.

This is why we recommend that people who suffer from addiction should seek inpatient or residential facilities. They can also separate from their home environment that may have contributed to their addiction.

Codependency is also a common issue in the family. Enabling you doesn’t help you overcome your addiction. Instead, it traps you into the toxic cycle. This why family therapy is the best method to address codependency to fully support a recovering addict.

Community Environment

The community you belong to also has a level of effect on your addiction. This depends on the degree of your participation. A healthy and safe community environment that’s strict in battling addiction is less likely to provoke a person’s substance abuse.

But in groups where people are open to drug and alcohol misuse, it’s much more likely for the people who are involved in their community to adapt to these views and act on them. Studies show that recovering addicts who return home are more likely to relapse compared to those who belong to recovery communities.

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Looking for a South Florida Rehab Center?

To successfully overcome addiction and to remain sober even after completing a treatment program, it’s best to enter a South Florida Rehab Center for continued treatment! At Rock Recovery Center, we give you the help you need to overcome addiction. Contact us today to learn more!