signs child going through heroin withdrawal

signs child going through heroin withdrawalIt’s 2017 and heroin has become a drug of choice for many young Americans – there’s no reason to sugar coat it anymore.

Heroin withdrawal is something that all heroin addicts will eventually go through, and chances are, they will need to undergo some type of medical detox protocol coupled with an inpatient drug treatment program in order to have the best chances at moving past this stage in their life.

People who quit taking any sort of addictive substance are going to experience withdrawal symptoms. Heroin is certainly no exception, and is in fact a very painful process if not treated with medical care. If your child has been taking heroin regularly for months, weeks, or even days, he or she is almost certain to experience withdrawal symptoms.

There’s always the chance he or she could try working through those withdrawal symptoms at home without professional help. This approach is not something that is ever recommended, as the chances for relapse are extremely high when the addict is not being supervised in a safe & structured environment during this time.


What does heroin withdrawal look like?

The heroin withdrawal symptoms that loved ones will experience can vary depending on how long they’ve been using and how much they take during each use. Typically, the first symptoms that surface are mild and could appear to be a cold or other minor illness. These milder symptoms include:

  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Excessive yawning
  • Runny nose
  • Muscle aches

Within hours or days, those symptoms are going to change. Instead of looking like an inconvenience at worst, your child may transition into very severe flu-like symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal Cramping
  • Dilated Pupils

None of these symptoms are life threatening, but many people who experience them will find them to be unbearable – often leading to erratic behavior, angry outbursts, and irrational decision-making. When this happens, turning back to heroin is going to seem like the only logical option for them, essentially prolonging an already dangerous situation.

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how to tell if your family member needs drug rehabOther signs your child might be struggling with heroin

In addition to the physical symptoms characterized by heroin withdrawal, there are some other signs you should be on the lookout for if you suspect your child or loved one might be struggling with heroin.

  • Take a look at the crowd he or she has been associating with.
    It is human nature to become the company you keep, and if you have an uneasy feeling about some of the friends your child is spending time with, your instincts may be trying to tell you something.
  • Have they begun to become distant?
    Often, heroin users will begin to isolate and only spend time with those who also share their interest in the drug.
  • Irregular sleeping patterns and odd hours can be an indicator of drug use.
    Don’t be too quick to associate something like this on “just being young.” Yes… partying occasionally and sleeping in late can be normal for young adults, but if it is becoming more frequent, it could potentially be a sign of drug use.
  • Do their eyes appear to look different?
    An unavoidable side effect of opiate or heroin use are constricted pupils. When someone consumes opiates, the pupils will naturally shrink and appear to be pin-pointed, regardless of how much light is hitting the eyes.
  • What is their financial situation like?
    Are they constantly in need of money? Does it make sense for them to always be needing financial assistance of some kind? This might be something to take a hard look at if it happens regularly.
  • If they are living in your home, have valuables gone missing?
    As painful of a reality at it might be to face, active heroin users can often make hasty decisions in the name of getting a fix. This might mean stealing or pawning material items of value, even from their own families.

There are also long-term effects of heroin to consider, and dependent on how long someone has been using the drug, there may not be a huge timeline to work with in terms of getting help. However, there is a solution to getting the heroin treatment your child most likely needs.


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what to expect alcohol drub rehabGetting professional help for heroin withdrawal and heroin addiction

It doesn’t matter how long your child has been dealing with his or her withdrawal symptoms, it is important for someone to reach out for professional help to an accredited addiction treatment center. Not only can treatment help them through their withdrawal, but it can also put them on the right path to lasting sobriety.

Through addiction treatment, your child will learn how to manage a life without heroin. Loved ones will enter programs that are designed to teach them coping mechanisms and life skills that emphasize the importance of self-care and motivation. The right treatment center will combine traditional treatment methods with wholesome ones in order for your child to learn how to live life in a healthy and fun way.


Rock Recovery Center offers an all-inclusive heroin treatment program

At Rock Recovery Center, we will help your child learn the life skills and healthy habits that are needed to maintain a drug-free life. We have an incredibly unique adventure therapy addiction treatment program that caters to a younger, more vibrant crowd.

Our programs help your loved one get back on track, and start looking at life as an exciting journey while working through the issues that led them to drug use in the first place. We’ll also make sure that the care we give your child helps during emotionally challenging and physically demanding times.

We want nothing more than to help your child to live an addiction-free life and play a role in rebuilding the family dynamic you once had.

Reach out to people willing and qualified to help your child.
Call Rock Recovery Center today.

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