signs of heroin addiction
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Do you suspect a loved one might be abusing heroin, or even have a full-blown addiction? Keep reading to learn more about the various signs of heroin addiction. The heroin epidemic is currently sweeping this country, and it is affecting everyone in some fashion. If you are unsure if a loved one is abusing heroin, listed below are some signs that might indicate someone you know is addicted to heroin:


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Signs of Heroin Addiction to Watch Out For:

  1. signs of heroin addictionUnexplained sudden weight loss. Heroin addiction oppresses the user’s appetite. Once a user is deep into their addiction, food is after thought.
  2. Missing spoons, bent or burnt spoons. Many heroin users choose to mix up their “shot” in a spoon. Bending it makes it easier to hold, and holding a lighter under the mixed shot burns off anything that was used to cut the heroin and helps dissolve it.
  3. Wearing long sleeves in warm weather. IV users often use the visible veins in their arms to inject heroin, causing “track marks”.
  4. Erratic mood swings. The “high” of heroin can cause the user to be in an extremely good mood. The come down (withdrawal) from heroin is extremely uncomfortable causing the user to be sick and irritable.
  5. Inability to hold a job. When someone is actively using, their only focus is the next high. Finding a job, let alone being able to maintain employment eventually falls to the wayside.
  6. Lying and manipulating. Addicts are always full of excuses when it comes to their behavior. Addicts will do and say whatever they can in order to get the next high.
  7. Poor money management, having no money at all. Going along with lying and manipulating, and the inability to hold a job, any and all money going to supporting a heroin habit. Bills, rent, gas, food, and any other financial responsibilities come in a distance second to heroin.
  8. Discovering drug paraphernalia. Finding needles, caps of needles, burnt and bent spoons, straws are common.
  9. Sudden legal issues. Many addicts find themselves stealing in order to support their habit. Heroin is obviously illegal, so being caught trying to purchase heroin and having illegal substances on your person can lead to arrests.
  10. Skin abscesses, grayish or pale skin appearance. IV users run the risk of track marks, and abscesses due to infected injection points. Many users’ skin can appear to be pale and grey, along with sunken eyes after considerable use.


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Do you recognize any of these signs of heroin addiction in a loved one?

Rock Recovery Center has been helping addicts and families overcome the devastation caused by heroin addiction for several years. We have addiction specialists standing by 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have. If we can’t personally help you at our facility, we will help guide you through the process of finding a reputable program that can provide the individualized treatment you or your loved one might need.

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