Recovery Residences

Recovery Residences


Our sober living environment is designed to teach our clients everything from basic life skills (cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.) building resumes, to budgeting skills. All of our residences are stocked with toiletries, cleaning supplies, light bulbs etc. All bedding is provided along with towels and wash clothes but residents are more than welcome to bring their own.

We want to help our clients get to the point where they no longer need us to be able to live. We are ok with being their foundation for the time being, but at some point in time the clients need to know what it is like to live life on life’s terms.

We encourage all of our residents to get jobs within the first few weeks of living with us. This is not a difficult process - we are right in the middle of hundreds of businesses! Yes, we will help you build your resume and we will personally print copies for you to take to your prospective employers.

Most of all we want to help you get to the point where you are able to live on your own, whether with a sober friend or yourself. There are steps that need to be taken before this can happen. We welcome you with open arms, we want to know your fears, insecurities and most of all we want your feedback.

We are ALWAYS a phone call away and encourage that if there is something that needs addressed, please let us know.

Rock Recovery Center Recovery Residences

Recovery Can Be FUN

Our treatment model uses several research-proven methods that take advantage of all of what beautiful South Florida has to offer. We are not your average classroom-based treatment experience. Our clients leave our program with an unbreakable knowledge on recovery that lasts!

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