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It’s important to keep in mind that you’re not the cause of your loved one’s addiction. There’s also no way you can fix their addiction for them, but there are things you can do to help them overcome it. To start, you can encourage them to enter a South Florida drug rehab to get the professional help they need. If they’re living with you, having house rules and being consistent with it will also be beneficial for them and your entire family. To guide you, here are tips on how to deal with an addicted loved one living at home:

Set Household Rules and Boundaries

It’s important to have house rules and boundaries to keep everyone in the family safe, especially those family members who are more vulnerable, like children and the elderly. If your addicted loved one breaks any of these rules, ask them to leave for a while until they’re ready to behave.

Always Be Ready in Case Matters Escalate

It’s important to always have a response plan in case matters escalate and develop into a commotion. In extreme cases, you may need to call in the police for help. People who have an addiction in and of themselves aren’t perilous. But if your loved one is intoxicated with alcohol or drugs; they may become unstable and dangerous.

Limit Their Access to Money

It’s normal for an addict to crave drugs and find all means possible to buy it. So, it’s best to restrict their access to money, credit cards, and other means to keep them from buying. At the end of the day, you’re only protecting them.

Encourage Treatment

Encourage your addicted loved one to enter a South Florida drug rehab. Entering one and finishing a treatment program will help them overcome their addiction permanently. Going to rehab will also help them address underlying issues, and equip them to live a sober life outside the facility.

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