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Good nutrition plays a vital role in restoring your health after addiction. Despite the damage caused by harmful substances, the right foods can help heal and boost your mind and body. For patients who just recently completed their medical detox in a South Florida drug rehab, it’s normal for them to feel withdrawal symptoms.

That’s why the facility provides them nutritious meals and drinks that aim to replenish the lost vitamins, minerals, and essential proteins in their body. Some facilities even use kitchen therapy to promote health during recovery. Here you can learn more about kitchen therapy and its role in restoring health after addiction.

What is kitchen therapy?

What is the Role of Kitchen Therapy in Restoring Health After Addiction?

Kitchen Therapy Basics

Both drug and alcohol addiction cause severe damage to the brain and body. The sooner you seek treatment with drug rehab, the better your chances of recovering from the damage and preventing it from becoming an irreversible illness you have to deal with.

Some rehab centers use kitchen therapy to help their patients recover from addiction. This method has been praised for keeping patients busy with their hands and minds. And for also providing a creative platform where patients can engage on a personal and imaginative level.

Benefits of Kitchen Therapy

Kitchen therapy provides a new way for patients to invest in themselves through cooking. It can be an avenue for them to release stress and anxiety instead of turning to drugs or alcohol. It’s also a way for patients to interact and work in groups, working together on dishes, praising the output of others, offering helpful criticisms, and learning from each other.

This teaches them social skills and other skills that are necessary for the outside world. The best part about this therapy is that you get to eat what you cook; healthy and nutritious meals that will help you through recovery.

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Need a South Florida Drug Rehab?

Some South Florida drug rehab centers include cooking as a part of your task, to promote teamwork, social skills, concentration, and creativity, while encouraging good health and nutrition. At Rock Recovery Center, we will help you overcome addiction successfully through our various treatment programs that address your specific needs. Contact us for inquiries!