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A lot of people face physical, financial, and emotional hurdles that stop them from entering a South Florida rehab center. These hurdles can delay you from getting the immediate treatment that you need. But just know that these obstacles are just challenges you can overcome with the right tools, resources, and education. In this article, we will discuss the top obstacles to addiction treatment.


A lot of people struggle with addiction in silence because they know that once their family, friends, coworkers, or employers know about it they’ll look at them differently. This makes coming out and admitting one has an addiction extremely difficult. If you’re concerned about your reputation that’s why you haven’t entered a South Florida rehab center, then just know that not seeking help will affect your reputation even more. Your addiction will ruin you from the inside-out. Entering rehab will allow you to rebuild your reputation as someone in recovery, not someone with an addiction.


If your finances are stopping you from getting the treatment you need, then try asking your insurance company if your plan covers inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment. Also, not all treatment programs are expensive and some even offer different payment plans that are suitable for your budget. Some addiction support groups also offer free meetings where they can connect you with low-cost detox centers.

Children or Pets

If your children or pets are the reason why you do not seek inpatient addiction treatment, then just know that there are ways to find a suitable guardian to take care of them while you’re away. If you have trusted family or friends, you can talk with them about leaving your children or pets under their care. If not, you can look for centers that will allow you to bring your kids or pet along.

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