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Teenagers today are easily influenced by what they see in the media and by their peers. Peer pressure and peer influence can compel your child to try drugs and begin drinking alcohol. When this happens, they may easily get hooked on the substance and begin seeking it out as if they can’t live without it. You’ll begin to notice changes in your child like being more withdrawn and secretive. You must encourage your child to seek treatment at a South Florida addiction recovery center before it’s too late. If you suspect that your son or daughter is using drugs or alcohol, here’s how you can find out:

How Do I Know if My Son or Daughter is Using Drugs or Alcohol?

Observe How Your Child Smells After “Hanging out” with Their Friends

Once your son or daughter gets home from “hanging out” with their friends, have a real, face-to-face conversation with them. As you’re talking, begin to observe how your child smells. If there has been any drinking or smoking, you’ll smell it on their breath, hair, and clothing.

Look Them in the Eyes While Talking

While you’re having a conversation with your child, pay attention to their eyes. If your child used marijuana, his/her eyes will be red and heavy-lidded with constricted pupils. If your child was drinking, their pupils will be dilated.

Observe for Any Mood Swings

Observe if your child is suddenly obnoxious or is laughing hysterically at nothing. If they’re suddenly clumsy, queasy, sullen, withdraw, or unusually tired, then they may have been drinking or using drugs.

Check Their Car

Try to check inside your son/daughter’s car to see if it smells like smoke or alcohol fumes, or if there are any drug paraphernalia, bottles, or pipes on the floor or stashed away in the glovebox. Also, check for any unexplained dents and scratches. Before your child ends up in an accident for driving under the influence, it’s best to seek help from a South Florida addiction recovery center today.

who offers south florida addiction recovery center?

Looking for a South Florida Addiction Recovery Center?

Once you’ve collected evidence, sit down with your child and ask them directly.  Encourage them to seek help at a South Florida addiction recovery center. At Rock Recovery Center, we will help your child overcome addiction successfully! Contact us for inquires!