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West Palm Beach Drug Rehab | Heroin Statistics

The nation is currently engulfed in an opiate epidemic that has never been seen before. Our friends and families are dying each day from overdoses. Help can be obtained through treatment at our West Palm Beach drug rehab.

The heroin epidemic is sweeping the nation and thousands of people are dying daily. How did this come about? 4 out of every 5 heroin users started their addiction by abusing prescription pain medication.The over-prescribing of Oxycontin began in the late 2000s. The sale of prescription pain killers in 2008 was 4 times the rate in 1999. Subsequently the admissions of substance abuse treatment centers in 2009 was 6 times the rate from 1999. In 2012 alone, 259 million prescriptions were written for opiates. 259 MILLION. Accidental overdoses is the leading cause of death in the United States, with 52,404 overdose deaths in 2015.

Recovery from Heroin is Possible

While many opiate addicts are still in the throes of active addiction, there are many that have changed their lives. A drug rehab in West Palm Beach can aid in the recovery process. Getting out of your current situation and relocating can be beneficial to recovery. People, places and things need to change for an addict to recovery. Our rehab in West Palm Beach offers the needed tools and resources to help an addict change their lives. A safe structured environment away from the dangers of addiction is a start to the road to recovery.

Our West Palm Beach Drug Rehab Can Help

Once the drugs have been removed, rehabilitation of the mind and body can begin. Drugs not only affect the body, but the mind as well. At our West Palm Beach drug rehab cognitive behavior therapy is offered to help get to the deep seeded roots of addiction. Overcoming addiction is a process that takes time. Getting help is one of the first steps in recovery, and recovery is possible. Many addicts have changed their lives in West Palm drug rehabs and continue to work towards a better future, and not to become an overdose statistic.