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Addressing Overdose

August 31st has been made “International Overdose Awareness Day” to help shed light to the alarmingly increasing rate of drug overdoses that have been devastating this country, as well as others. The United States accounts for one quarter of the world’s premature drug related deaths, and that number is growing. One quarter of the WORLD’S overdoses. Overdose deaths more than tripled from 1999 to 2015, going from 16,849 annually to 52,404. These deaths can be prevented. A West Palm Beach drug rehab can help aid in recovery, and educating friends and family on what to do if a loved one overdoses.

Narcan is becoming readily available to the masses. Narcan is the drug Naloxone which is an opiate blocker. Naloxone reverses the effects of the opiates in the opiate receptors of the brain. It can be administered to someone who has overdosed on opiates through injection or nasal spray. Drug rehabs in West Palm Beach can provide training on how to administer Narcan. First Responders are equipped with Narcan to help revive overdose victims at the scene of 911 calls. Narcan is available through prescription, but some states are making Narcan available for purchase without a prescription.

Help from our West Palm Beach Drug Rehab

Through proper harm reduction education, such as Narcan, the overdose rates can be lowered, which is one step in saving addicts lives. Our West Palm Beach drug rehab is a good jumping off point for those suffering from opiate addiction. Through cognitive behavior therapy, as well as physical rehabilitation, an addict can begin to live without drugs. Going through this process can help in saving a life, as well as showing other suffering addicts that there is hope, there is a way out. Proper eduction about addiction, overdose, and how to respond to both is a vital piece to battling this opiate epidemic in this country today.