Where can I find a west palm beach rehab?

It can be hard sometimes for people to tell if they have a drinking problem or even suffer from alcoholism. You might not even how much you are drinking or how it is affecting you and those around you. There are three types of drinkers: social drinkers, problem drinkers, and alcoholics. Let’s take a look at how best to identify which one you might fall under and if you need to go to a West Palm Beach rehab.

Social Drinker

Social drinkers are people who drink occasionally, usually at a party or event with friends. These people very rarely lose control or suffer negative consequences as a result of their drinking. While they might enjoy drinking every once in a while, they don’t rely on alcohol to have a good time and go prolonged periods without needed to drink.

Problem Drinker

Sometimes known as alcohol abusers, problem drinkers usually start as social or occasional drinkers but begin to drink on a more regular basis, and/or drink more heavily when they do drink. These drinkers may also begin to think about alcohol on a regular basis. While they might try and cut back on their drinking, they find a reason why the “need” to drink that day.

Where can I learn more about west palm beach rehab?


An alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. There is a not a huge step between a problem drinker and an alcoholic, although alcoholics have lost the ability to control their alcohol consumption.

Are You in Need of a West Palm Beach Rehab?

If you or someone you know may be suffering from alcohol abuse or an alcohol addiction, we want to help you so they don’t suffer anymore. Contact us today to learn about the programs we offer or to come in for treatment.