Residential Heroin Detox Helps Addicts

Addiction to street drugs like heroin has become a growing problem in the United States. Heroin is a particularly insidious drug because of the profound changes that occur in the brain when it is used. Heroin addiction can destroy careers, personal relationships, and health, and professional addiction treatment is necessary [...]

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Treating Addiction: Why Behavioral Therapy is Important

Whether it's alcohol, tobacco, prescription medication, or illegal drugs, addiction is a serious issue and debilitating condition. The combined healthcare costs alone amount to approximately $160 billion per year, reaching as high as $700 billion due to crime and lost productivity. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication affects approximately [...]

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When the Addict Refuses to Get Help

What is Addiction According to the American Society of Addiction, Medicine addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Addiction is characterized by an inability to consistently abstain, imparted behavior control, subject to cravings, diminished recognition of a significant problem related to one’s behavior, [...]

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Enabling the Addict or Loving the Addict to Death

You know someone suffering from addiction; you scold, you cry, you punish, you continually step in to help pay the rent, make excuses for missing school or work—the seriousness of your behavior, though motivated by love and compassion, leads the addict toward death. Does that sound harsh? If you understood [...]

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Police Officers Face Unique Challenges in Addiction Treatment

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a medical problem that often causes profound shame and embarrassment. These feelings are even more intense when the individual is in law enforcement, a profession that depends on self-discipline, control and cooperative action. These individuals may be particularly reluctant to admit the depth of [...]

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Work Stress and Substance Abuse

The relationship between work-related environments and substance abuse is not new. There are several models (mostly focused on work stress and alcoholism) that examine this dynamic. To begin worker substance abuse is a serious public health issue. The ramifications of substance abuse, either alcohol or other drugs, (also known as [...]

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How Codependency is Related to Addiction

Codependency is a term that's often used in the mental health profession and among people who work with addicts. However, as it's not an officially recognized disorder or mental illness, it isn't listed in guidebooks such as the DSM (there is a listing for Dependent Personality Disorder, but that isn't [...]

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Why Do Criminal Addicts Constantly Relapse?

Addiction in the criminal justice system has been studied for decades leaving some of the brightest minds in the field banging their proverbial heads on the wall in frustration. Addicts are some of the most difficult people to motivate and work with and then add the criminal justice system element [...]

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