4 Surprising Discoveries About MDMA

MDMA (methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine) is the active ingredient in the party drug Ecstasy, which is used illegally at raves, parties, and clubs to achieve a heightened sense of euphoria and a myriad of psychedelic effects. It's sometimes called the "love drug" because it affects serotonin levels in the brain, which lowers normal [...]

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The Changing Face of Drug Addiction – What Patients and the Public Need to Know About Prescription Drug Abuse

The face of drug abuse is changing rapidly, and what many see as an inner-city problem is quickly moving into the suburbs, striking at the heart of America and changing the way doctors, politicians and ordinary citizens approach the issues of drug dependency and rehabilitation. There are many factors underlying [...]

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Peers Help Develop Insight and Important Skills During Recovery

Addiction treatment for alcohol or drug abuse is a comprehensive program of detoxification, individual counseling, group counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and relapse prevention training. Even with these therapies, the transition back to normal living can be difficult, with increasing stress, frustration and setbacks. Halfway houses and transitional living facilities provide [...]

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Mental Health And Addiction : Understanding Dual Diagnosis

What is Dual Diagnosis? Dual diagnosis is defined as a condition in which a patient is simultaneously suffering from a substance abuse problem and a mental health disorder, according to the National Alliance on the Mental Illness (NAMI). Dual diagnosis is also known as co-existing or co-occurring disorders. Debate exists [...]

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What is Kratom, and why did the DEA make it a Schedule I Drug?

Kratom is a type of tree that grows throughout the countries of Southeast Asia. Extracts from the leaves of the tree have been used in regional folk medicine for a wide variety of ailments for hundreds of years, but two particular uses have sparked Western interest in it: pain relief [...]

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5 Ways Exercise Can Help to Overcome Addiction

Beating a drug or alcohol addiction can be a long and difficult road. Experts will often list a wide range of different steps to take on the road to sobriety, yet sometimes gloss over just how helpful a daily exercise routine can be for recovering addicts. Here are five amazing [...]

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Residential Heroin Detox Helps Addicts

Addiction to street drugs like heroin has become a growing problem in the United States. Heroin is a particularly insidious drug because of the profound changes that occur in the brain when it is used. Heroin addiction can destroy careers, personal relationships, and health, and professional addiction treatment is necessary [...]

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Treating Addiction: Why Behavioral Therapy is Important

Whether it's alcohol, tobacco, prescription medication, or illegal drugs, addiction is a serious issue and debilitating condition. The combined healthcare costs alone amount to approximately $160 billion per year, reaching as high as $700 billion due to crime and lost productivity. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication affects approximately [...]

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When the Addict Refuses to Get Help

What is Addiction According to the American Society of Addiction, Medicine addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Addiction is characterized by an inability to consistently abstain, imparted behavior control, subject to cravings, diminished recognition of a significant problem related to one’s behavior, [...]

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Enabling the Addict or Loving the Addict to Death

You know someone suffering from addiction; you scold, you cry, you punish, you continually step in to help pay the rent, make excuses for missing school or work—the seriousness of your behavior, though motivated by love and compassion, leads the addict toward death. Does that sound harsh? If you understood [...]

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