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“High functioning” alcoholics are people who can maintain careers, raise a family, and have plenty of friends all while drinking alcoholically. Functioning alcoholics are able to disguise alcoholism because the outer appearance of their lives indicates that they do not have a problem with alcohol. Our FL alcohol rehab can help to identify issues within professionals and work through them in a constructive manner.

High-functioning alcoholics can go many years without being confronted. As time goes on, most will suffer some consequences such as an angry family, perhaps a failed marriage blamed on “other problems,” a DUI, or some other indication that they should address their drinking behavior.

It is usually not until some major event occurs directly related to their drinking, that the issues are directly addressed. It can be difficult to identify someone as an alcoholic if that person is a professional holding a high-level career and is not financially impacted by their abusive drinking.

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It’s important to recognize that being an alcoholic does not always mean being a failure in life. Many successful people are alcoholics, and many defy the stereotypical characterization of alcoholics of “being homeless under a bridge drinking alcohol out of a paper bag”. High-functioning alcoholics, can lead two lives.

Here are 5 signs of “high-functioning alcoholism” to watch out for:

  • Saying they are only going to have one or two drinks, but end up drinking far more
  • Their behavior changes dramatically when they drink They don’t remember things they did or said (blackouts)
  • They seem to plan their day around getting a drink
  • They go through periods of abstinence where they make a point of not drinking, during which they may be anxious or irritable, then usually go back to their usually pattern of drinking soon after
  • They wake up with a hangover (although some people seem remarkably hangover-free even if they drank too much)

The truth is, even if someone is in denial about their alcoholic drinking, they still put themselves and everyone around them at risk when they abuse alcohol.

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Our FL Alcohol Rehab Can Help

If you or someone close to you may be struggling with alcohol addiction or dependence, Rock Recovery Center is here to assist you. We provide our clients with the tools and resources needed to overcome alcoholism. Contact us today to learn more.

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