Relapse Prevention & Why It Matters

Sadly, relapse is generally considered to be a part of the recovery process. As many as 60 percent of the people who attend rehab facilities end up using drugs or alcohol again at some point in their lives. Although relapse doesn't equal failure, and only means you have a new [...]

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Where do I start when searching for Florida based alcohol rehab centers?

Throughout the state of Florida, the drug epidemic is getting worse by the year. The most common drugs of abuse include prescription drugs like oxycodone and benzodiazepines, and many people are becoming addicted to heroin as well. Although rehab admissions have seen an 87% increase for drugs like heroin, people [...]

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A chemical dependency center or drug rehab facility can help you escape the clutches of addiction

In recent years, the number of people in Florida suffering from addiction has risen above the national average. Floridians have found that the epidemic has crept into some areas that seem like they're just outside their front door. For individuals struggling with illicit drug abuse, treatment at a chemical dependency [...]

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A unique Florida (FL) drug addiction rehab center is looking at treatment differently

Overcoming addiction in a quality drug addiction rehab center is only part of healthy recovery and lifelong wellness. When going through drug addiction rehab center treatment, it’s also very important that you gain an understanding of how addiction has affected your body. You need to relearn what’s necessary to keep [...]

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Accidental pain pill addiction can happen to anyone – Know the signs and be prepared

One of the great misnomers about pain pill addiction is that it’s always brought about by actions that many people would consider intentional or abusive. If fact, many people fall prey to pain pill addiction quite by accident. Usually, it occurs when patients are combating severe pain issues and feel [...]

One of the best substance abuse resources you have is an addiction counselor

What Substance Abuse Resources Are Most Important for Recovery? When it comes to recovery, not all treatment models are built alike. In fact, there are some marked differences between various programs throughout Florida. To start, the most important substance abuse resources you’ll need involve people. You’ll need an excellent addiction [...]

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Opiate addiction help is a call away – Speak to one of our certified counselors today

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine in 2015, more than 12 million Americans continued using their prescription painkillers beyond the prescribed time frame. Many more started using opiates without a prescription. This leads to 46 deaths each day in the United States from opiate overdose. These numbers mean [...]

There are many addiction recovery treatment centers in Florida (FL), how do I choose?

One of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make in your life is the one to get clean and sober. Once you do this, you may decide that you want to go to West Palm Beach, Florida, because there are many different recovery treatment centers. With all of the recovery [...]

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Suffering from Drinking Problems? Outpatient Addiction Treatment Might Be for You

Each year, there are thousands of people throughout the state of Florida who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol. The state of Florida is surrounded by beautiful beaches and swaying palm trees, and there’s a great nightlife scene in some of the more populous areas. The fun and relaxing [...]

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Outpatient Addiction Treatment is Critical to Achieving Sobriety from Drugs & Alcohol

If you live in Florida and are having trouble with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you’re not alone. While it may seem as though your addiction is only affecting you, it’s actually affecting those who love and care about you the most. Not only can an addiction cause your [...]

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